Traditional and Alt-Cert Pathways

  • Becoming an Anchor with NYC Men Teach

    Our incoming NYC Men Teach first-year teachers are called ‘Anchors.’ In a relay race, the anchor runs the final leg of the race to ensure that the entire team has the best chance at winning. Anchors drive to have a strong finish and rely heavily on their teammates – the ones who ran before them to ensure the win. In NYC Men Teach, the ‘team’ is made up of current and retired teachers, school administrators, community members, and the NYC Men Teach program team who have been running this education race and are ready to support the final leg, the Anchor, on his journey into teaching. As a classroom teacher, you will be the leader in this race to pass the baton on to your students to increase educational opportunities for them.

    To start your path towards teacher certification, you can choose either a traditional certification program, or an alternative certification program.

    A traditional certification program would be one of CUNY’s NYC Men Teach Program‘s to work on an associate or bachelor’s degree. After graduation, you would then be eligible to teach in a classroom.

    An alternative certification program would place you directly into a classroom in a full-time teaching position with salary and full benefits. You would experience a robust training period in order to begin teaching while you also take night classes working on a certification at a partner university over a 2-4 year period, depending on the program.

    If you’re not yet ready to commit to a traditional certification program or not yet eligible for any of the alternative certification programs, we also have our Village Pathway program. Most people who decide to apply to be a part of the Village Pathway are either working toward getting their Bachelor’s degree or want to have some time working with NYC students in the classroom before fully committing to teaching full time. Please visit the Village Pathway page for more information.

    For information on our CUNY partnership and partner programs, email us at

    Are you already certified to teach in a state outside of New York and want to teach in New York City? Please research the NYS Teacher Reciprocity Process. NYC Men Teach will be able to provide some certification and cost assistance. For more information regarding how you may receive assistance through NYC Men Teach, please take a look at the NYC Men Teach Reciprocity Support Document.

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